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For 10 years our team at Bethuel Studios has worked video production at tv stations, conferences and other live events both locally and other African states. Whether it's capturing engaging content on stage, one-on-one VIP interviews, marketing collateral for event sponsors, or breaking news at conferences, Bethuel Studios is there. Whether it's directing, filming, editing, motion graphics and animation, interview training, live streaming, music creation, voiceovers, scripting etc... we do it all.

Our range of experience encompasses working with such entities as major tv networks and record companies including work for their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WeWork, Youtube, Google channels. We are doing production for SABC 1's GAME PLAN show as well as work for many other smaller and bigger organizations. We have filmed HLE's Live Recording, meet and greets, and knowledge sharing interviews. Bethuel Studios is equipped with the all the video production needs you may have.

We recognize that marketers are faced with an in increasingly fragmented mosaic of production needs. Bethuel Studios can help. Think of us as a ‘special ops’ team for content production. A marketing service buffet… more ribs please… but hold the broccoli. We have reshaped our role as a production company to be flexible, nimble, leaning into the future. Willing to challenge the status quo to accommodate change. We offer a menu of services and skills for you to pick and choose what you need.

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